We all love playing soccer because it only requires one thing: a ball. It also helps if that ball is properly inflated.

FIFA says the air pressure in a regulation ball must be between 8.5 psi and 15.6 psi to be suitable for play (for once we should listen to FIFA!). Here is our list of the top five soccer ball pumps out there highlighting the value and unique features they offer.

Without further delay, here’s our list for the best soccer ball pump to keep your kick about going at full speed with a properly inflated soccer ball.

Best Soccer Ball Air Pump: Our Reviews

#5 Tachikara Dual Action Hand Pump

The best-priced pump in our countdown is the Tachikara Dual Action Hand Pump. This pump package features a hose, pressure gauge, and needle but no bag. A nice feature of this soccer ball pump is that the needle can be stored in the handle of the hand pump for safe keeping.

The pump is sturdy and durable making it a can’t miss option if you want to keep your balls inflated at a budget price.

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#4 Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit

The Franklin Sports ball maintenance kit is the second most affordable option in this list. This soccer ball pump comes with a bag, a hose, a pressure gauge and three needles so it really is a full-service ball maintenance kit.

It has over 1,000 reviews and Amazon and is rated over four stars so it very well may be the pump of your choice to keep your soccer nice and plump. This pump doesn’t have the bells and whistles of others but it will get the job done. It is also bright cherry red so it should be easy to find if misplaced.

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#3 Nike Ball Pump

Next on our list is the Nike Ball Pump. It may have a simple name but it gets the job done. This soccer ball pump by Nike is one I personally own and it has never let me down. It is compact, durable and includes an extension hose to help prevent against broken needles.

This is my pump of choice and it never leaves my soccer bag when going to training or games. It is also nicely priced and can be considered affordable at almost any level and can be considered the best pump for balls of all kinds but especially soccer.

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#2 Alaki Sports Premium Ball Pump Kit

The Alaki Sports, double action Premium Ball Pump Kit is ideal for soccer because it is affordable, portable and storable (hey look we rhymed!). This pump can fit in your soccer bag and can pump up your soccer ball quicker than other full size pumps out there. It comes in at under $20 and has a 100% guarantee (you can’t beat that).

The main feature of this pump is that it’s a soccer ball pump with gauge so you can make sure the ball is properly inflated at the right psi. It also comes with three extra needles because those things are easy to lose.

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#1 Fitness Factor Dual Action Pump

The dual action pump by Fitness Factor has a great compact design that is reminiscent of a power tool. It’s the best ball pump I could find and its benefits include portability, durability, and ease of this use.

You won’t be struggling to pump up your ball with this pump and it will easily fit in your soccer bag with the rest of your gear. I like this pump because it has had grips at the top that allow you to pump your ball with speed and comfort.

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Best Pump for Balls

Summary: The Best Soccer Ball Pump

Choosing the best soccer ball pump

There you go! The next time you are kicking around a less than fully inflated soccer ball remember this list and choose the best soccer ball pump money can buy.

Each of them has unique features you may like and it’s up to choose the pump for you to keep your training sessions and games going

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