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Are you struggling to find the perfect pair of wide soccer cleats? Is every shoe you try on simply nowhere near the right fit? Are wide soccer shoes the bane of your life? We feel your pain!…

In this article, we review the best soccer cleats for wide feet on the planet to save you time and hours of frustration. From the good to the great, we’ve reviewed four of the top shoes that offer incredible comfort and performance.


#5 Nike Hypervenom Phantom

Nike Hypervenom Phantom

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Want to make a bold statement on the field? These jazzy cleats have the coolest design out of every shoe reviewed in this article. They’re fun, funky and perfect for adding a little flair to your game…

If you’re an attacking player used to running at lightning pace towards defenders then you’re in luck with the Nike Hypervenom Phantom cleats. With the amazing Flyknit 2 technology and an upper mesh, you’ll find you have the ankle support and balance to quickly change direction whilst performing your favorite dazzling soccer tricks.

They are of course a little high end in their price range but why compromise performance for price? If you want to be the best, you have to buy the best. We believe these truly are one the best wide fit soccer cleats out there.

When you’re paying more, you expect more. That’s what you get with the Nike Hypervenom Phantom shoes. They come with a responsive glass nylon chassis that’s built for durability and comfort, meaning you’ll no longer have problems with wide feet. In fact, you might find yourself not wanting to take them off!

#4 Puma Evospeed

Puma EvoSpeed

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What we love about the Puma Evospeed cleats is the feel. These are super lightweight shoes, ones that will feel almost like you’re playing barefoot. You still get the protection of a high-performance soccer cleat but you’ll find a better touch, dribbling control and comfort. Gone are the days of being held back by wide feet and blisters, these are a joy to wear.

The durability of these cleats means you can rely on them, even if you’re having a tough season or playing in challenging weather. They’re built to withstand serious wear and tear, so you can wear them for soccer practice and they’ll still be in great condition for your big games. These should a serious consideration for anyone playing regularly.

#3 Adidas Ace Leather

Adidas Ace 15.1

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With a few colors available such as shock blue and semi solar slime, these shoes will inevitably make an intimidating impression on your opponents. Boasting a crafted cleat made from super soft kangaroo leather, you’ll find these wide soccer shoes have a comfortable feel that doesn’t compromise on touch.

The tongue is made from mesh and the eyelets create a laceless touch, so if you have wide feet then you’ll find a little more breathing space. You’re not constrained by the tightness of laces, whilst when you’ll have more striking power because it’s a smoother texture. It’s the little differences like these that can go a long way on the soccer field…

Overall, a cool design, a soft touch and a comfortable amount of breathing space for your feet make the Adidas Ace Leather’s a dangerous pair of soccer cleats that will leave your teammates in awe of you. The smooth texture when you launch a powerful strike is addictive and a lot fun. A great buy for any ambitious soccer player.

#2 Diadora Maracana

Diadora Maracana

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Whilst these are undeniably some of the best soccer shoes for wide feet and comfort, the fit of the Diadora Maracana has a whole host of other awesome advantages. Many fans of the cleats say they feel it’s almost like going barefoot, giving you an incredible touch that will make you feel like the ball is glued to your feet.

The cleats mix a powerful blend of Axeler technology with an injected PU outsole, so when you’re sprinting down the wing or dashing for a last minute ball, you’ll find flexibility with your feet. This also means more power when you strike the ball, creating an unstoppable shot that keeps goalkeepers awake at night!

For the quality, these are very conservatively priced. This means that with the Diadora Maracana you’ll receive great value for money. With lightweight material, an amazing fit and a beautiful touch that even Messi would be proud of, we guarantee that you will love these cleats on and off the pitch.

#1 Adidas Copa Mundial

Adidas Copa Mundial

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As a famous classic in the Adidas soccer cleat range, you’ll find the Copa Mundial is a shoe crafted for durability. They’re a timeless model, simple but powerfully effective. With direct injected polyurethane, molded studs and an incredible selection of superior materials, this is a cleat that will be there for you through every win and loss on the pitch.

The Adidas Copa Mundial cleats have a nice, snug fit that’s perfect if you’re struggling to find the right size. With a Kangaroo leather upper and synthetic fur on the interior, you’ll find a comfortable mix of breathability and fit, compensating for those with a wider foot. Whilst some shoes leave you feeling a little claustrophobic, these offer a high quality custom fit.

It might take you a little time to wear these in but once you have, they’ll fit like a glove. There’s no rubbing either, which means no more blisters distracting you from what’s happening on the field. We’d therefore highly recommend these reasonably priced gems, you really won’t be left disappointed by the shoes or your performance, as these are our top pick for the best wide fit soccer cleats!

Summary: Wide Feet Soccer Cleats

So that’s the full review from us. We’re sure you’ve found our reviews of the best soccer cleats for wide feet useful but if you do have any more questions, feel free to get in touch. We know just how frustrating searching for wide soccer cleats is, so this article should save you a lot of time.

Now that you’ve read this article and you’re about to click order online, let us know how you get on and if you found this article useful, please share it with your fellow wide-footed friends!

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