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With soccer season just around the corner, and those smelly, used shin guards stinking up the garage, it’s time to start considering buying the best soccer shin guards that you can find. A great fact about this time of year as well is that they are usually on a Holiday sale, and you can get more bang for your buck with a quality brand and a low price.

Though most soccer players make shin guards come across as an unnecessary item, it is quite the contrary! Especially for those trying out the sport for the first time, kicks to the shin are really common, and can be extremely painful! Shin guards will protect your soccer player from this. Here are some of the best shin guards for soccer on the market.

Whether it’s for your children starting up on a youth team or if you are giving adult leagues a shot, shin guards are an extremely important piece of equipment that should be covered in your getting ready for the season shopping trip.


#5 DashSport – Best Shin Guards with ankle protection

If your child is just starting his or her new soccer season, this is one of the best soccer shin guards for youth and toddlers. DashSport has designed a shin guard perfect for a child that doesn’t want to spend the whole game fixing his or her shin guard from falling.

This brand is also the best shin guard with ankle protection on the market. The ankle guard not only offers protection for your child while they play, it is also a great support, along with the strap to keep the shin guard in place.

Best Shin Guards with ankle protectionbest shin guards for toddlers

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#4 Nike J Guard

Though it is from Nike, which is one of the best brands out there, this shin guard does not come with a strap or guard, that’s why it is our number four.

For those, however, who already have shin guard sleeves, or don’t mind (and actually prefer) the easy slip-in style, this shin guard is a great lightweight option. Its hard shell is protective to get the job done and is ventilated to let your legs breath while playing.

football shin pads

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#3 Nike Mercurial Lite

These Nike Mercurial shin guards don’t only come with all the features of our number four, but they also have the sleeves!

For an easy slip in at a low price, Nike offers us the best match of sleeves and shin guards that come in one package! Not only is it lightweight, it is anatomically shaped to curve with each of your shins, left and right legs. That’s what makes this specific option special.

best shinguards

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#2 G-Form Pro-S – The Best Shin Guards for Defenders

Defenders have one of the most prone shins to be kicked and exposed while defending their goal. These shin guards are specifically designed for this position and the best shin guards for defenders. This shin guard is also different and more advanced, having a soft shell at first, but then becomes hard and defensive on impact.

The new technology used is also combined with a shin guard and sleeve all in one. The sleeve is also made with breathable material to reduce sweat and for you or your soccer player to feel less weighed down.

best shin guards for defenders

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#1 Adidas Ghost – Best Soccer Shin Guards for Adults

They’re a little smaller on the sides with padding on the interior, helping your narrow feet find a stronger foothold in the shoes. If you have a slim ankle to match your narrow feet, you’ll find the Dynamic Fit collar technology forms a snug and tight mold.

After playing a few times, you’ll find the upper material actually adapts to the size of your feet. So if you think they’re too wide at first, have a few wears and you’ll notice the difference. This is due to the Flyknit technology, a feature found in most of the new Nike shoes. Flyknit helps you increase your ball control whilst boosting comfort at the same time.

Sold with a ‘dark army’ camo finish, the Nike Magista Obra has one of the most unique and stylish designs on the market. They’re high end but certainly worth it. With these soccer cleats, you can make a bold statement with your style and performance. With a host of revolutionary technology including Dynamic Fit and Flyknit, they’re fun, cool and will help you step up your game.

Best Soccer Shin Guards for Adults

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Summary: Best Soccer Shin Guards

Choosing the best shin pads for soccer

Before you browse through your favorite online store to choose the best soccer shin guard for this season, make sure you know which types of shin guards you prefer to wear.

With every player, the preference can vary from straps to sleeves, ankle guards or a bigger diameter, we hope this review helped make your decision a bit easier.

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