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Get in soccer shape with these 6 conditioning soccer drills to increase your stamina

Sprint WorkOut For Soccer

Do you want to improve your endurance in the field and notice the results? Have you ever felt that you couldn't finish a game? To prevent that from ever happening to you again, you must perform the conditioning soccer drills explained in this entry.

Agility, speed, flexibility, and above all, endurance. . There is no doubt that technique and good control of the ball are necessary, but something as important as resistance should never be neglected because a good player in this sport must always be able to endure the whole duration of a soccer match without missing a beat.

So, without further ado, we are going to explain some of the best conditioning workouts for soccer, so you can get in soccer shape in no time at all.

If you can perform the following exercises regularly and manage to incorporate them into your training you will be closer to achieving that desired physical condition to become one of the best players.

The 6 Best Conditioning Drills for Soccer

How to increase stamina in soccer?

This exercise proposed by Jon Goodman from the Nike Academy can be performed both alone and with partners and combines running and cardio exercises. To perform this workout you just have to place three cones at a distance of 10 meters, 20 and 30 meters from the starting line, and go through them in less than 30 seconds, doing intervals between them.

So, while the rest of the players perform their exercises individually, there is a group that works on the course. For this training to be successful, it should last approximately 30 minutes.

One of the advantages is that it can be perfectly adapted to the different capacities of the players so that the intensity can be lowered or even intensified for those players who develop a greater resistance and better performance.

Soccer Sprint Training

The American player Will John explains how to build stamina for soccer by the following training to become a professional player, of which we have pointed out two exercises:

One of them consists of a 15 to 30-minute workout, mixing speed drills with intermittent training with 80%, 90%, and 100% changes in direction and sprints.

In the next exercise, you will also have an example of sprint workout for soccer, because, during a match, players are in constant movement and must have skills to accelerate both in catching the ball and in facing their opponent.

Conditioning Training with a Soccer Ball

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Will John also explains an exercise that is carried out with the ball in the third minute of the previous video. Getting in shape is not only related to running since you have to incorporate the ball, as the player points out. In soccer you sprint, you run, you walk, and also jump.

To perform a good exercise it is very important to emulate a match, so we recommend you the area circuits. To improve the acceleration, in this exercise you should start in the goal area, sprint in the long lines, and rest in the short ones.

Then you will have to move to the penalty area following the same rules and keeping the ball close. To improve your control of the ball it is important that you don't just hit the ball and run.

The exercise continues to increase the distances, so you will have to use the midfield lines. As the player's performance is expected to improve, you can use the entire length of the field as you improve, making at least three rounds in each area.


Dribbling - Soccer Stamina Drills

A good way to combine endurance and ball handling is to perform dribbling, something you can do either alone or with a partner.

It is about performing random turns and tricks on the cones placed on the field, to improve the skill and to reduce the space in which you practice dribbling. You must repeat this process five or six times, resting 20 seconds every minute of handling the ball.

To practice with a partner, place the cones at a distance of one yard and control the ball as fast as you can. For a harder practice, you will only have to increase the distance of the run.

Interval Exercises

Soccer Training

To obtain greater agility and improve performance in fast moves, one of the most common training sessions is the one that consists of performing jogging, walking, and sprinting intervals, as it is a good way to increase resistance on the field.

This way, you will have to set the following times to get results. This training has a duration of half an hour and to begin with, you will have to walk 30 seconds, trot for 60 seconds, and finish with a 100-meter sprint. All resistance exercises require repetitions, so the sooner you start, the sooner you will notice the change.


With this training, you will be able to improve aerobic and anaerobic resistance so that you and your team can achieve good results in terms of play. In it, speed and rhythm are key. We tell you what it is so that you can put it into practice.

The first 10 minutes consist of warming up the body, something that should never be ignored and forgotten. To do this you must do light jogging, progressive runs, and stretching.

Afterward, you will perform a combination of rhythms in the races and alternate speeds. So, you start with a 25 meters sprint, a 25 meters trot, continue with a 50 meters sprint, another 25 meters trot and finally, you do a 75 meters sprint.

With a total of five heats, you will be able to finish this phase of the endurance training for soccer, which continues with variations in the intensity and speed of the race, because this is what characterizes the fartlek.

The last but not the least important phase is the so-called calm lap, which consists of slowing down and running a smooth continuous race in the last 15 minutes to finish with the stretching.

One of the benefits of this training is focused on improving breathing at fast rhythms and it will also be useful for the legs, as they have to get used to the changes in rhythm.

In addition, one of the advantages of this exercise is the diversity of ways to practice it, since there is no single way to do it. It’s possible to Build endurance for soccer without having to fall into monotony.

In short, Getting in Soccer Shape should be easy if you take the right approach

With these conditioning soccer drills, you will be able to develop a high-quality level of play and increase your stamina like a true professional player.

Physical well-being and comfort when playing are key, so we encourage you to practice the exercises to obtain long-term results, as resistance is something that is achieved through daily effort. Given the variety of workouts that are practiced today and the examples that have been explained, it is important that you combine aerobic and anaerobic workouts to improve your resistance and be able to face any encounter with confidence and energy. At SoccerChief we encourage you to try them out so you can perform at your best.