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Is playing soccer dangerous? Everything you need to know about it

The first thing we have to say is: don't panic.

Any professional sport can be considered dangerous. Besides, as it is a contact game, there is always the possibility of suffering injuries caused by a collision between opposing players. Although the ball or even the field itself is also associated with injuries in this sport.

To find out if soccer is dangerous, what we are going to do is explain the dangers that accompany it. Knowing the risks associated with any activity we are going to practice is always important. But we do not have to face them from fear but from caution and risk management.

In this sport, matches can be very fast and at any moment there can be an accident in the field. Most of these are usually minor, without causing great damage to any of the players. Unfortunately, there are also players who have gotten seriously injured, but these are far less common.

Enough of prejudices and unfounded thoughts, today's post goal is to solve all your doubts! We'll tell you everything you need to know so you can draw your own conclusions on this matter. Let's go!

What are the dangers of playing soccer?

It can be said that almost any sport is dangerous in terms of injuries, but soccer in particular is not one of the most dangerous. If you wonder if American football is more dangerous than soccer, in terms of injuries sustained from contact between two players, it is: these are far more serious, as crashes are much more common and the chances of damage highly increase during these collisions.

In addition, an impact between two American football players is similar to that caused by a traffic accident when a car crash occurs (you read it correctly). In this game, the weight of these players also plays an important role when it comes to injuries since many of these players can weight over 220 pounds.

Soccer, when played at a professionally, can have players suffering injuries due to the physical wear and tear of playing at this level. Among the most common injuries are knee and ankle sprains, muscle tears and broken meniscus among others.

Some of these injuries are caused by sudden changes in movement, blows in our standing foot and knee bending. Also by the work load that knees endure, impacts on the ankle joints or inflation of the muscles.

With all this, it can be said that soccer is dangerous. Another of the most worrisome injuries are concussions caused when the ball hits the head of a player or when someone's head hits a foreign object or even another player. These shocks are more common in American football, but this danger also exists in soccer.

The following video shows multiple examples of some serious plays in which you can see how dangerous soccer can sometimes be. Hopefully, you will get an idea of how some injuries are caused in this sport.

So... is soccer dangerous?

Some would say yes, but those who do not practice any sport are also exposed to suffering any accident in their day-to-day life. It is likely to hear that players suffer many injuries (mild in most cases). But how serious those injuries are, depends on the recovery time and the possible sequels these could carry.

It should not be forgotten that soccer is considered a contact sport, as there are times when players keep in touch with their opponents without necessarily being penalized. However, in some cases, these contacts are not involuntary and can be punished by the referees.

The ball is another of the points to take into account since it play the most important role during matches and many times it can be a threat if it hits a player's body at great speed. The pain will also depend on the distance between the player who hits the ball and the one who receives the impact.

What is the most dangerous position in soccer?

Due to the chances of getting impacted by the ball, the goalkeepers may be those who are most at risk of suffering an accident in this sport. But the truth is that in soccer no position is recognized as the more dangerous than others.

Then, Is soccer too dangerous, or Is soccer a safe sport to play?

Is Soccer Dangerous - Soccer Kids

Just look at the number of children's soccer teams that exist. If it wasn't a safe sport, they wouldn't start playing it so early. It is true that as they grow up, this feeling of competitiveness increases and players can become more aggressive or overdo it without taking into account their physical limitations.

Calling soccer an unsafe sport has no place in most assessments, both by experts and players. As in any other discipline, there are rules that must be followed, so being responsible is part of the security that should accompany this sport.

Another aspect that is worth mentioning and players should take into account is the high intensity at which some of the most anger-prone or violent players sometimes play. Either because of their aggressiveness or because of the defeat they could be experiencing. Aggressive fouls, dirty plays, or even fistfights can sometimes break between players.

So if you are considering playing this sport or are concerned about someone close to you who plays it, keep in mind that there are many other sports that are considerably more dangerous than soccer and are much less regulated.

As one of the most widely played sports, statistics on soccer-related injuries and accidents may be higher than those for other sports. But it is simply a matter of abundance. The more I play, the more I get injured... However, when compared to other sports, the rate of serious or major injuries is really low.

Still, we must take into account the injury rate, which is what determines the danger of a sport, in this case, soccer is a sport with somewhat high rates. Professionals are injured between 12.7 and 68.7 for every thousand hours of competition.

Summary: Is soccer really dangerouse then?

Soccer Injuries

The final answer is no. It would be stupid to refuse to play soccer for fear of danger. As we have already mentioned, any sport can be considered dangerous due to the physical effort involved in competing professionally. Since it is also a game in which there can be contact between players, as long as it is not aggressive or premeditated, collision or impact with another player don't necessarily have to be dangerous

So, for those of you who may still be wondering: Is soccer really not dangerous? The truth is that safety and control in this sport are highly regulated and it is not common at all for players' lives to be threatened in a match. It is true that accidents or small injuries do occur, but they always receive the necessary attention in professional teams.

What worries most in this sport are the injuries suffered by soccer players, the most common are sprained ankles and knees, torn menisci and ligaments, knee injuries, and pubalgia. Another of the most worrisome injuries are concussions, as explained above.

Yes, it can be scary to play sometimes, especially if we are beginners, but anyone can suffer a similar injury without playing soccer. Being responsible on the pitch and doing good training and stretching will go a long way in preventing any of these injuries, so we encourage you to play the sport and enjoy it.