Who is The Best Soccer Defender Right Now?

As with any other competitive sport, the focus in soccer tends to always be on attacking and scoring, but we can all agree on the cruciality of a solid defensive line and on how it reflects on the performance of the whole team.

With this in mind, we think it’s time to recognize their qualities, highlight their attributes and give some of the world’s best defenders the credit they deserve. Here is the current top five plus one honorable mention based on analytics and the good old fashioned eye test. Read on to find out who is the best defender in the world.

Our Countdown: Best Defenders in Soccer

6: Vincent Kompany

the best soccer defenders

This was going to be a top five list but we thought that we would give an honorable mention to the Belgian international that plays for Manchester City.

On his day Kompany was one of the best defenders in the world but in recent years injuries have limited him to just 17 league starts over the past two seasons.

Before his injury woes, Kompany would be considered one of the best soccer defenders and be higher on this list.

5: Giorgio Chiellini

best defenders in soccer

The thirty-two-year-old center back is regarded as one of the best Italian defenders of all time. He mainly plays center back but has the versatility to play left back as well. He is a five-time Serie A champion who was also involved in two Italian Cup wins.

He has little to no weaknesses (except warding off vampires named Suarez) and is considered a tough and smart defender who is a solid tackler who is good in the air.

4: Gerard Pique

best defenders in the world

Pique has done it all in the game of soccer including winning domestic, continental and international titles. Position wise, Pique is good as they come and he is one of the best defenders in soccer in terms of passing, consistently completing 90% of his passes.

He has a strong level of concentration level well and of course a killer beard. Does the beard give him his defensive abilities? We may never know!

3: Mats Hummels

greatest soccer defenders

Hummels is the latest player to trade in Dortmund yellow for Bayern Munich red and blue. Hummels is a top defender who excels in tackling and passing and even likes to take a stroll up the pitch from time to time.

At just 28 years old he should be under consideration as one of the world’s best defenders for years to come. Hummels may perhaps be the most underrated player on this list.

2: Sergio Ramos

world's best defenders

Ramos is another versatile defender who can play center back as well as right back. If asked to play right back he could probably be one of the best right backs in soccer. He came to Real Madrid from Sevilla in 2005 and is a passionate defender who plays aggressively.

He is known for his strong passing and possession skills that allow Real Madrid to play the entertaining brand of soccer they play. He is also a winner having won the World Cup, Champions League, and La Liga.

1: Diego Godin

best defender in the world

Our best soccer defender is the one and only Diego Godin. He has played for Atletico Madrid for six seasons after playing previously for Villarreal. The Uruguayan defender is strong in the air (he is one of the best soccer headers out there) has a high level of concentration and is a leader of men.

His all-around game that allows him to be a strong defender and to contribute in the transition game with his dribbling skills makes him stand out on this list as the best defender in soccer.

Best Defender in the World: Diego Godin

Final Comments: The Best Soccer Defender

Choosing the Best Soccer Defenders

There are numerous other amazing soccer defenders who could be included on this list. This is what makes soccer fun!

The conversations and arguments about who are the greatest soccer defenders in the world that take place on a daily basis in pubs and living rooms across the world. Who did we miss? Who is in your top 5 as the best defenders in the world?

Let us know!

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