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Are you struggling to find the best indoor soccer shoes? This is no easy feat, as there’s so many colors, brands, and models to choose from. Do you want style? Comfort? Are you on a budget? There’s a whole host of options available. Here’s our guide to choosing the best indoor soccer shoes, making sure you get the best deal possible for your money..


#5 Nike Mercurial Victory

Nike Mercurial CR7

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Overview: The indoor flashy luminous Nike Mercurial retail for less than $100! They are one of the most popular low end range shoes from Nike, offering quality on a budget.

So what do you get for your money? With the completely flat bottom, they’re designed to be used on hardwood floors and indoor playing fields. The sole’s pattern is solid rubber with minimal flex grooves, allowing great durability but not the best traction when compared to the rest of the shoes in this article. On a clean indoor playing surface, you won’t find any problems at all but if it’s a little dusty, you might slip from time to time.

In terms of your touch on the ball, the Mercurial has a nice feel to it. With its trophy synthetic on the top of the shoe, it’s relatively thin, soft and flexible for a low-end synthetic. This definitely delivers the Mercurial feel that it’s more expensive models are well known for.

Overall, it’s not a spectacular product but it does give you good value for the price, allowing good grip, traction, and performance with this shoe.

#4 Adidas Men’s F50 Adizero FG

Adidas Adizero F50

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Overview: Described as ‘the planet’s fastest shoe’, these are one of the most expensive cleats on this list.

So why the more expensive price tag? What’s made the Adidas Men’s F50 Adizero FG so appealing for multiple players around the world is its lightweight construction. This model is leather so you’re looking at it being slightly heavier but the material offers more comfort as a compromise.

You can use it on natural grass or artificial turf and the studs on the bottom of the shoe allow for increased traction via both types of playing fields, meaning you’re more balanced and steady when twisting and turning when playing soccer.

Its simplistic design is less jazzy when compared to the Nike Mercurials but if you’re not looking for a particularly stylish model and you have the budget, this may be the shoe for you. However, although it is lightweight and offers great traction, the steep price is a little expensive when there are other leather options available on the market.

#3 Nike Hypervenom Phelon

Nike hypervenom phelon

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Overview: With a great bang for your buck, these pair of Nike’s are a valuable consideration, but you might find it lacks in traction when playing indoors.

In terms of comfort, there’s not much padding on the shoe. Most of it is provided by the insole, so you will get a low profile feel to it if that’s what you’re looking for. There’s a textured dot pattern throughout the bottom of the shoe, which isn’t suited to everyone because it doesn’t allow much traction.

The rubber is stiff and not very flexible, which means you may find yourself slipping on hard indoor surfaces. However, if you’re on the street or playing on concrete, the hard rubber sole might work quite well.

It’s not too heavy and doesn’t feel too weighted on your feet. The lightweight feel is perfect if you’re playing in positions where you’re likely to be running and dribbling a lot with the ball. However, the lack of padding is a risky move if you’re a defender who’s facing some physical challenges on the field.

This is definitely a shoe to consider, especially if you want a low profile feel that allows for a more controlled touch. However, the lack of traction for indoor football might be a challenge if your balancing skills aren’t refined.

#2 Nike Tiempo Genio

Nike Tiempo Genio

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Overview: The cheapest shoes on this review, this is a great entry level indoor shoe if you’re new to soccer and want a durable option.

The sole is made out of solid thick rubber, with a minimal pattern that offers a lot of durability to it. You can expect the sole to last a long time, so you’re definitely going to be getting great value for money.

The leather material on the upper shoe is soft and comfortable, even suitable for those with exceptionally wide feet! There’s a decent amount of padding and the fit is very nice.

For the price, this a great value product that offers a high-quality build. It’s durable and comfortable, whilst the low price tag is very attractive for newbie soccer players. Certainly worth a punt!

#1 Nike Hypervenom X Proximo

HypervenomX Proximo IC

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Overview: This remarkable addition to the Hypervenom family that comes in ‘total crimson’ is a very stylish indoor soccer shoe and a great choice for its price.

It’s a great feeling when you take these shoes out of the box for the first time. The stylishly designed cracked Nike logo combined with some attention grabbing colors makes this more than a shoe, it’s an expression of creativity and a work of art. It’s not just all about style though, as you’ll find out below these are much more than just a pair of cool indoor soccer shoes

The upper of the shoe is a soft synthetic leather, which hugs your foot when you wear them, providing comfort and a great touch. The outsole is gum rubber, to give you better grip and traction whilst running and dribbling – something that’s vital whilst you’re quickly sprinting and changing direction on an indoor court. It even has a full-length phylon midsole and a contoured sock liner that help improving its lightweight cushioning while providing firmness and support.

They’re comfortable but also offer incredible grip and feel.

Summary: Cool Indoor Soccer Shoes

That’s it from us, as you can see there’s an option for everyone. Whether you’re on a budget or you’re looking for a luxury indoor soccer shoe, there’s so much to choose from. The Nike Hypervenom X Proximo, are possibly the Coolest and Best Indoor Soccer Shoes you can currently find , offering amazing value with comfort and balance.

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