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On the hunt for the best soccer cleats in the world? This article truly delivers. Today we count down the top 10 most sensational soccer cleats money can buy, saving you hours of time and running you through the pros and cons of each.


#10 Nike Magista Obra

nike magista obra

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The fit is great on the Nike Magista Obra shoes and it only takes a short period of time to break them in. The Flywire cables create a bit of extra ankle support, preventing those troublesome ankle injuries that tend to sideline us from time to time. They’re comfortable with plenty of padding, so your feet protected at all times.

With Nike’s latest ACC technology, you’ll also find that you’re equipped with a sweet touch to suit all weather – whether it’s hot or wet. It also means your feet are temperature controlled no matter what conditions you’re playing in, so you have an advantage over other players on the pitch. It’s an innovative feature that comes as an extra bonus.

Some reviews have complained that these cleats aren’t quite as durable as you’d expect but actually we didn’t have any problems with them at all. In fact, with the padding on the shoe, you should find they last at least one season if you’re a regular soccer player. That’ll cover you for training, practice sessions and weekly league games.

#9 Nike Mercurial Superfly

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These are in the premium price range but for a good reason. The Nike Mercurial Superfly cleats come with some of the best soccer cleat technology money can buy. If you want to see just how advanced modern innovation in the sportswear industry is, look no further than these…

What makes the Nike Mercurial Superflies so comfortable is the ultra soft leather they’re crafted from, which still protect your feet but also provide a lot of padding. It’s like they’re glued to your feet and when you’re fully immersed in the game, they’re so light it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them. All in all, this creates a sound touch that will improve your game.

You’ll find the Vapor Traction is a really useful feature. As you sprint and dribble you’ll notice you have more balance due to the stud configuration, letting you turn at sharper angles without slipping. This also means that in wet weather conditions, you can be confident that you’ve got an advantage over your opponents with poorer quality boots.

There’s also a carbon fiber soleplate that adapts to your foot, bending to the angles you turn at with plenty of flexibility. This reduces potential ankle injuries, giving you more leeway to twist without getting a sprain. That’s a big bonus considering just how common ankle problems are throughout a season.

#8 Puma EVOspeed

Puma EvoSpeed

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Puma’s are a classic brand and with their reputation, you’re guaranteed a soccer cleat that you will fall in love with. The Puma Evospeed offers just that and at a relatively cheaper price than the Puma Copas. Evospeeds aren’t all about price, though, as you’ll find out below…

We will say that if you have above average sized feet, don’t let first impressions deceive you. Puma Evospeed’s light construction might feel like a tight fit at first, but you will soon realize that its snug fit isn’t restrictive at all. You actually get used to their fit very quickly and it feels natural after a couple of games of wearing them.

The Puma Evospeed comes with a synthetic upper, that’s not too heavy for your feet or your touch. You’ll still get padding and protection on your feet without feeling weighed down, which is really noticeable when you’re running at pace. It’s almost like you have a split second of extra speed, making all the difference in the final third of the pitch.

#7 Nike Hypervenom Phinish

Nike Hypervenom Phinish

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In a variety of stylish and slick colors, we couldn’t help but get excited about trying the Nike Hypervenom Phinish cleats. They’re not just awesome on the exterior shoe, though, as we found out when putting them to the test. With a combination of synthetics and leather, it’s a shoe that molds to your feet for extra control.

They’re designed specifically for attackers, being engineered for high speeds and dynamic footwork. The Pebax base gives you a comfortable and responsive feel. It’s flexible but still provides stability, so you’ll have extra balance whilst running with the ball. This means less slipping, quicker changes of direction and an extra burst of speed.

The NikeSkin technology is also a nice feature that creates a barefoot sensation, as it’s incredibly thin and molds to your foot. You’ll notice your first touch is improved, giving you closer control that almost glues the ball to your feet. This material means more comfort, so you won’t struggle with blisters whilst breaking the cleat in.

#6 Adidas ACE

Adidas Ace 15.1

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These have to be some of the most unique soccer cleats you can buy, with impressive technology put to use by the retailing giant Adidas. Using a three-layer synthetic upper with a forefoot honeycomb structure, they’re a lot of fun to play with and the novelty doesn’t wear off at all.

What Adidas have created is a shoe that fits perfectly for the Zidane-esque midfielders who play with a bit of flair and creativity. Whilst if you’re playing soccer in this creative role you might find some of the Nike options a little too lightweight, the Ace cleats are built to absorb the shock and aggression of a defender sliding at you with mean intent.

They’re also fun to dribble with. If you’re a more advanced player, the ball almost glues to your feet, so you can fly past those slower defenders. Overall, an impressive and unique shoe that’s definitely worth a try.

#5 Adidas X

Adidas X 15.1

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The Adidas X  simply buzzes with new and exciting sportswear technology. Here are a few of the best features explained:

  • X-cage – creates a strong and stable frame, so you can improve your balance on the ball.
  • Nonstop grip – offers more traction on the ball, so your touch will be finer than it’s ever been before
  • X claw – one of the latest Adidas systems that is incredibly powerful for those with quick feet. The X claw combines a new outsole and stud configuration, so you can turn quickly, change pace and switch direction faster than most shoes usually allow you to

When using these cleats, it’s important to keep your shoes laced tight before playing because otherwise you may find your heel slips out a little at the back. We found this happened occasionally but we tend to play higher paced games so that may explain why. Apart from that, though, these are absolutely awesome, especially if speed and agility are the biggest parts of your game.

#4 Nike Tiempo Legend

Nike Tiempo Legend

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With the likes of Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique, and Chris Smalling all sporting the Nike Tiempo Legend cleats, some may say these are quickly building a reputation for the best soccer shoes in the world…

The cleats have a new ‘no tongue’ and internal cage system, creating a snug and responsive fit. The leather exterior is strengthened by the inner cage, meaning it won’t expand or loosen as you play over many games. Overall, these offer a consistent fit that you can rely on, match after match, so you’ll find you’re not let down in the big games.

However, we will warn you that over the course of a season, you’ll find the leather does wear out a little. This can easily be fixed by investing in a soccer cleat cleaning spray, as the short term cost will definitely save you money in the long run when your shoes still look fresh and brand new on the field.

#3 Nike Mercurial Vapor X

Nike Mercurial Vapor X

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These are a slightly cheaper version of the popular Nike Superfly model but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re still incredible shoes in their own right.

In terms of comfort, there’s a one piece tongue on the upper, meaning it’s more adaptive and flexible. It’s also stretchy and thin, with an amazing fit that’s definitely an upgrade on the old Vapor 9 model. It might be a little bit of a squeeze when you first try them on but once your foot is inside, it’s more like a sock than a shoe. They have a natural feel that’s built for incredible comfort.

Now in terms of the best cleats for soccer, the Nike Mecurial Vapor X definitely ranks high on the scale. One awesome feature is the stiff nylon soleplate. What this means is that when you’re twisting, turning and dribbling on the ball, you’ll feel a responsive snapback that creates a sensation of being pushed, increasing your acceleration and elevating you forward. It’s great for fast bursts of pace.

#2 Adidas Messi

Adidas Messi 15.1

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With a soft upper, these cleats fit nicely. You’ll find the heel a little stiff but it doesn’t get in the way of your performance. If you have a normal or slightly smaller foot than average, these are a perfect size, but if you’re slightly wide footed, we’d recommend going one size up for maximum comfort.

In terms of touch and balance, there’s a nice amount of traction that’s great if you’re playing in wet conditions. The thin upper delivers a soft touch that helps you control the ball with ease.

With the prestige of buying an Adidas shoe, you know these are going to last at least one season of heavy use. With a built of high-quality materials, it’s durable and built to last. Heavy hitters and toepokers need not worry about value for money with the Adidas Messi  cleats!

#1 Nike Hypervenom Phantom

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If you’re an attacker, then look no further for the best soccer cleats in the world. This is the striker’s weapon of choice for soccer shoes. In fact, you can just order them and watch the goals fly in!

Nike built this shoe for agility, speed, and an amazing touch and it doesn’t fail to impress. The upper shoe is flexible but still a tight fit, so it feels at one with your foot. Sure, it takes a couple of wears to really click with the shoe but once you do, you won’t look back.

If there was an award for the best looking soccer cleats, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom would certainly win. Available in a jazzy orange and black design that’s just as intimidating as it is cool, you’ll make an impression on defenders for your skills and your style. That’s a dangerous combination.

With the one piece upper, you’ll find you have a touch on the ball that gives you a really enhanced sense of control. The cleats were created to give a barefoot feel, one that’s native and comfortable to your foot whilst keeping the ball glued to your shoe. It’s perfect for those Brazillian samba moments when you’re whizzing past defenders using your latest array of tricks.

Summary: The Best Soccer Shoes in the World

the best looking soccer cleats

So that’s our complete guide to the best soccer cleats in the world. Technology in the world of soccer sportswear is impressive and with exciting new innovations like the X claw, Flyline and ACC, you can really feel and see the difference on the soccer field.

Personally, the Nike Hypervenom Phantoms really stood out as top performers but if you buy any one of the ten soccer shoes on this list and you’ll find great value for money.

Do you have any questions? Are you still stuck on what to buy? Not sure what’s the best shoe for your position? Our team of experts is always ready to put their knowledge to the test so if you need some help, get in touch today!

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