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If you want to be the best, you have to buy the best. It’s no different in soccer, where a cleat can give you an extra competitive boost to really up your game.

Today we’ll review some of the world’s most expensive soccer cleats, giving you an insight into why they’re high end, what you get for your money and why you can’t afford not to buy them…


#7 Nike Mercurial Superfly Leather FG

Nike Mercurial Superfly Leather

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The Nike Mercurial cleats are not just one of the most expensive soccer shoes, they’re also one of the most popular. With a slick black and white design, these have been described as an absolute soccer revolution!

With the price tag comes some amazing bells and whistles that we just loved to wear. This includes:

Dynamic fit collar – extremely comfortable and a great fit, meaning your shoes won’t slip if you’re dribbling at full pace
Supersoft kangaroo leather – a really durable material that’s softness adds a more controlled touch on the ball
Molded insole – this is lightweight, comfortable and gives your foot a little breathing space
Heel counter – creates extra support on the back of your foot, reducing injuries and strains
Vapor traction – gives you a boost in grip, so you’re more stable. It’s especially useful when you’re playing in challenging weather conditions
Carbon fiber plate – built on the outsole, it gives your cleat a little bit more flexibility so you can bend your foot without any problems
TPU studs – gives you extra grip, traction, and stability on the pitch

The lightweight feel of the cleat gives you more confidence on the pitch, as you know you’re ready to sprint at full pace whenever you need to. It’s a shoe that’s perfect if you’re playing competitively and need an extra edge to your game, making all the difference in terms of touch, control, and dribbling.

This is a classy boot that really sets the pace for high-end shoes. From incredible technology to amazing protection and fit, you’ll find everything you need with the Nike Mercurial Superfly Leather FG cleats. It’s a shoe that’s excited soccer players across the world, supplying a slick design and an even slicker performance.

The outsole is rubber so you’ve got more grip for changing direction quickly. It’s awesome if you’re a winger or striker used to galloping towards the box at lightning fast speeds.

#6 Adidas ACE


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With an amazing range of colors available including solar green and shock pink, the futuristic design is instantly recognizable. It’s a cleat with character that looks and plays the part. It doesn’t even have laces, so when you kick the ball you have a smoother, purer touch on the ball.

The upper on the Adidas ACE PURECONTROL cleats is knitted, which makes them very soft and comfortable. This technology combined with the laceless design means it’s a little tight to fit your foot in but once you do, you’ll notice a custom mold that adapts to your foot and the way you turn with the ball.

The soleplate uses SprintFrame, a technology that was used in older models of Adidas’ cleats and has made a return to the Adidas Ace’s design. This will give you more traction and grip on the field, so your feet practically stick to the ball whilst still making it comfortable to run at fast speeds. It’s perfect for dodging those sliding tackles!

They are a little tricky to put on due to the rigid structure that the laceless design creates but once you’re in, you’re going to feel a great fit that’s tight but really comfortable. When you order the cleats you’ll actually find a shoehorn in the box that’s supplied by Adidas to give you a helping hand when first trying them on.

The knit upper and laceless design combine to help you strike a ferocious shot without any bruising, as there’s a lot of shock absorption which instantly reduces the impact on your foot. That creates less fatigue for strikers during a game, whilst you’ll have fewer injuries and muscle pains the next day. The interior padding is kind of like a cushion, supporting and protecting your foot.

#5 Adidas X

Adidas PDS X

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Impressively, Adidas actually teamed up with luxury car manufacturer Porsche to create a shoe custom made for running at lightning fast speeds. The outsole is actually “road-tested” using the latest innovations in aerodynamics and engineering to create a shoe that will leave your opponent’s defenders breathless.

German engineering rarely disappoints and that’s true with the Adidas PDS X cleats. You’ll find the design on the tongue includes Porsche’s branding, which is a pretty cool feature on this awesome piece of kit. Here’s how the Design Director of Porsche described the Adidas partnership:

“Both brands have very similar values when it comes to creating each and every product. It is always about premium engineering to create the highest level of performance – whether that is on the pitch or on the road. This boot is a celebration of these values.”

When you’re running at high speeds, the last thing you want is your foot falling out. That’s one of the biggest causes of injuries and can lead to season-ending complications. Luckily, Adidas have reinforced the top and sides of the shoe so your feet are locked in and ready to run, without having to worry about whether your cleats are going to fall off at any minute.

This is a shoe that also includes premium Kangaroo leather material, so it’s soft and easy to wear. Whether you’re playing a full day of tournament matches or just having a high energy training session, these shoes will give you an extra boost of comfort that’s great for your stamina.

#4 Nike Magista Obra SE FG

Nike Magista Obra

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The Nike Magistas are a very popular cleat model already, so it makes sense for Nike to create a premium model that dedicated fans can really appreciate. These are designed for creative midfielders, with Nike promising they will make you play almost as well as Iniesta or Ozil on their website.

One of the most advanced features is it’s ACC (All Conditions Control) technology. What does that mean for you? Well, whether you’re playing in the winter or summer, you’re going to have an advantage on the pitch because your feet’s temperature is regulated by ACC – meaning the same level of comfort even in extreme conditions.

The camouflage print is also a very cool feature that’s instantly recognizable. It’s not just a nice print, it’s a symbol of status as everybody on the pitch can see that you’re wearing some of the best boots money can buy.

You’ll also find Flyknit on these soccer cleats, offering extra comfort so you can play longer and harder. During those tough, physical soccer games full of tension, you’ll feel protected and comfortable in the Nike Magistas as you get stuck in from midfield.

One of the biggest stand out points on the design of the Nike Magista Obra SE FG is the Dynamic Fit Collar. You’ll find a foam padding from the back of the ankle to the bottom of the heel, giving it more stability and a stronger, more durable structure on the cleat. You’ll find this creates stronger support on your foot, reducing the risk of injuries whilst creating a more reliable fit.

#3 Nike Hypervenom Phantom

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These aren’t just expensive soccer cleats, they’re goal scoring machines. The Flywire fit is actually more comfortable than most normal shoes, so you’re going to love running on the field with these beasts.

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom II really comes into it’s own when you’re sprinting. Built for agility and pace, the Pebax base reinforces and supports your foot, so you’re more stable at high speeds and less likely to get injured. Even in wet conditions, you’ll find the firm ground studs keep you balanced, so you can dribble without worrying whether you’ll stay on your feet.

The NikeSkin technology is one of the most interesting pieces of technology on these cleats. It’s very thin and molds to your feet, almost as if you’re wearing socks. This feature is obviously more comfortable and also complimentary to your first touch, so you can trap the ball instantly with enhanced control.

There’s no denying that this is a cleat built for a wider footed player. That means you might want to consider going a size down if you have slimmer feet. You’ll find on the interior it’s very breathable and accommodating, with a bit of room for maneuvering and space for your feet to relax.

Overall, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom cleats blew us away. With an awesome Flywire fit, NikeSkin technology, and a Pebax base, the shoes ooze quality and give you a premium level of comfort that pays off on the soccer field. These shoes are almost like having an extra teammate, giving you extra speed, agility, and stability when you need it most.

#2 Nike Mercurial Superfly FG

Nike Mercurial Superfly

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Offering explosive speed, these high profile shoes will give you a boost of acceleration when you need it most. On the bottom of the foot, you’ll find Nike’s exciting Vapor traction system, a stud design that gives you grip, traction and when you’re sprinting away you’ll find your cleats instantly release from the ground.

This is backed up by a carbon fiber plate that responsively molds to your foot whichever way you’re turning or twisting. This means you’re going to be able to move and change direction at incredibly tight angles, whilst defenders around you struggle to keep up. Not only is this entertaining to watch but you’ll also find it an incredibly useful feature.

Now let’s discuss the awesome feel of Nike’s SuperFly technology. It’s a powerful Flyknit material that’s just built for absolute comfort. You can feel the premium material in all it’s glory when you try this shoe on for the first time – and that novelty never actually wears off! It’s a pleasure to wear week in week out, whether you’re in a training session, team practice or an actual game.

There’s so much quality with these shoes, you’ll struggle to find better. Flyknit, Vapor traction, and a carbon fiber plate are just a handful of the impressive features these cleats offer, giving you more control and speed to your game without sacrificing comfort or durability. It’s a must have cleat for any serious soccer player.

#1 Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 SG-Pro Soft Ground

Nike Mercurial Superfly

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These are right at the top of the range for the most expensive soccer cleats in the world. However, that is with good reason as you’ll find out below…

Using Nike’s impressive FlyKnit technology, it’s durable but comfortable. There’s a nice thickness to the boot that’s still lightweight, so you get padding, protection and you’re still able to run at fast speeds without feeling like you’re weighed down.

FlyKnit also has another advantage, it’s elastic, flexible material. It’s dynamic to the movement of your feet, adapting and flexing when you’re performing your skills, dribbles, and fancy footwork. So every time you move your foot, the Flyknit moves with you, keeping your ankle supported but not too rigid.

The stud pattern on the bottom of the cleats gives you nice traction and grip, performing exceptionally well on muddy and wet ground. When you accelerate, you can feel the boot pushing with you to give you an extra boost of speed whilst releasing the studs from the ground, without any stickiness or resistance.

All in all, this is an amazing shoe that’s a lot of fun to play with. It’s, therefore, no wonder that the Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 SG-Pro cleats are such a high-end shoe. They provide everything you want in a soccer cleat, with protection, padding, flexibility, durability, and traction. They’re great for advanced players looking to step up their game and compete on a new level.

Summary: Most Expensive Cleats for Soccer

Whilst these are the most expensive soccer cleats, they’re also a selection of the world’s best! Stepping up your game means taking everything to a new level, including your soccer shoes. If you want to know more about any of these fantastic soccer shoes, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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