Soccer has a rich and unique history that has made the sports the world’s game. There are many soccer information facts you need to know but we can’t cover them all (that would be an endless process) Instead, here are some fun soccer history facts that will improve your knowledge of the game and maybe win you a bet or two in the future.

Inventor of Soccer

inventor of soccer

The number one question everyone has is how was soccer created? Followed by who was the founder of soccer? These are two very difficult questions to answer as no one really knows. Credit can’t be given to anyone as to how or who soccer was formed.


1 The roots of the game can be traced as far back as the 13th century in places like China and Greece where activities similar to soccer were first played.


2 To answer the question where was soccer first played? The most widely accepted answer is Scotland or England (there is some debate) as that’s where a game most similar to the modern version was played.


3 The word “soccer” was actually coined in England as well and was made to differentiate from rugby football player known as “ruggers” and association football players (soccer) known as “asoccerer”. The ‘a’ was eventually omitted and now we have soccer.

Early Soccer

early soccer

4 Soccer was once banned in Scotland and England in the 1300’s and 1400’s by authorities because the game was considered too violent and a public nuisance.


5 In 1869 rules of soccer were established in England that forbade any handling of the ball.


6 What we know currently as a soccer ball was invented by Charles Goodyear in 1855. Goodyear invented vulcanized rubber in 1836 and created the first soccer ball ever made of rubber in 1855 and many credit him as the first soccer ball creator. Previously soccer balls were made of things like: pig or cow bladders, stitched up cloth and according to legend even human skulls and heads!


7 The first soccer game ever played is recognized as taking place in London in December of 1863 when Barnes Football Club played Richmond Football Club.

When Did Soccer Become a Professional Sport?

When Did Soccer Become a Professional Sport?

8 Soccer in the 1800s featured a battle versus amateurism and professionalism. There was a great debate about whether players should be paid or not as the sport was considered one of leisure. In 1885 the English Football Association officially approved the use of paid professional players.


9 The first fully professional league was in England in the year 1888. This was the first soccer league as well (professional or amateur) and was formed by the director of Aston Villa Football Club.

Modern Soccer

10 Modern soccer can be identified as being established in 1904 with the formation of FIFA. The organization was formed in order to oversee international competition among the various national associations of European countries and is a valuable piece of soccer information history.


11 FIFA held the first World Cup in 1930 and the tournament was hosted by Uruguay. Since then the world Cup has taken place every four years except in 1942 and 1946 because of WWII. The next World Cup will take place in 2018 and will be hosted by Russia.


12 The number of substitutes allowed in competitive matches has changed over the years. Initially, the rules of the game allowed no substitutes. In 1965 one sub was allowed, 1988 saw an increase to two, in 1994 you could make two subs plus a third if the goalkeeper was injured and in 1995 we saw the change three subs that we see in modern soccer.

Summary: Soccer History Facts and Information

soccer information

Hope you enjoyed these brief soccer history facts. The game is rich with history and events and what is presented above should increase your knowledge of soccer history facts. What the truth really is we may never know but the game is more popular than ever and the history of the sport will continue to grow.

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